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    Tonight: Look at Jacob Ciocci's Weird Wide Web

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    Alex Pasternack

    Before YouTube existed, the digital art group Paper Rad made videos to make your head bleed, and to pave the way for the the pop-bricolage-cute-cat style of the weird wide web. One of its founders, Jacob Ciocci, is also a musician, and half of Extreme Animals, a two-piece band that mixes video, sculpture, and instrumentation together into a fine, hot mess of cultural mediation and meditation, where familiar memes (the Monster energy drink logo, random YouTube confessions) start to look like the datamoshed signatures of some alien culture.

    Tonight, he’s doing a little retrospective at Anthology Film Archive in New York City, which should feel something like an intense and hilarious hour of him manning the projector laptop on a Thursday evening at home with pals (including another of my tech-art favorites, Cory Archangel). Above is one video from 2008, “The Peace Tape,” in which he blends videos found in thrift stores and websites with the wonders of Flash animation. Or, as two YouTube commenters put it,

    Afterwards, Jacob will join David Wightman, the other half of Extreme Animals, to perform a brand new piece for guitar and video.

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