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    This Guy Built the Best Vending Machine-Robbing Robot Ever

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    Brian Merchant

    Senior Editor

    Never before has a roboticist been so dedicated to scoring free soda. This young Frenchman, who goes by the handle ioduremetallique on YouTube, built what is easily the most impressive and complex vending machine-raiding robot the world has ever known. Maybe the only one. 

    Unfortunately, the whole thing is in French, and lazy-ass Google still hasn't finished real-time language translations for video (the feature is still in beta), so we don't get much in the way of details. But you get the picture: makeshift controller moves super-intricate robot arm to snag soda. Interestingly, but not surprisingsly, the controller is shaped like a standard Xbox gamepad; no doubt it's what our French hacker-thief finds most intuitive. There's a reason that everyone from military drone pilots to DIY hackers use the same basic controller design; its hardwired into our video game-playing skulls. 

    But seriously, watch this guy in action. It's insane. This ioduremetallique fellow here is a top tier amateur machinist; he will now only have to steal approximately 4,000 sodas before he recoups his time and investment. And let's hope he uses his powers only for good, crusading around Paris as a sort of cyberpunk Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving diabetes to the poor.