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    This Drone Delivered Food to a Boat Stranded Off Cape Town

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    Brian Anderson

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    Drone, straight ahead!

    When you've been stranded aboard a ship for the past year and a half, the sight of a small-fry quadcopter is nothing to take cover from. Just ask any of the 17 crew members confined to the E Whale, a hulking vessel that's been at anchor off of Cape Town in legal limbo.

    IOL explains

    The ship has been arrested and has remained anchored in Table Bay because of several outstanding debts the ship’s owners have neglected to pay on the E Whale’s sister ship, the A Whale.

    The E Whale was arrested as soon as it docked in Cape Town and has since been arrested by three other creditors.

    The crew members must keep the ship functioning until financial matters with the vessel’s owners, Today Makes Tomorrow International Shipping, are sorted out.

    Until then, Glen Wayne Thomas has his trusty Skywalker glider to airmail snacks and encouraging messages to the hapless crew, who as you could imagine find the ship's accomodations totally inhospitable by this point.

    Now who would shoot that down?