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    The Six Best Apple Parody Videos

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    Adam Clark Estes

    Sometimes Apple makes it too easy. The commercials with the stark white background, voice of God narrator and sometimes unspectacular product demos. (Sometimes they're spectacular, too, but that's another topic for another blog post.) Then there's the ridiculous retail experience. The days-long wait to be the first person to spend hundreds of dollars on a marginal upgrade. The army of blue-shirted employees wearing those funny name tag necklaces and getting paid too little. The fetishization of sleek silver objects. The deification of Steve Jobs. The absurdity of it all.

    No wonder people like making fun of Apple so much. Some people are really good at it, too. This week, a commercial for Somersby, a new cider company, is making its way around the web. The apple connection is both obvious. (Cider is made from apples, duh.) But the extent to which the ad manages to take a swipe at pretty much every single silly aspect of the Apple store is simply delicious:

    Obviously, Somersby isn't the first to come up with the idea to parody Apple. Things got really fun a couple of years ago when Samsung took a swing at its biggest competitor. With a YouTube video pegged to the Galaxy S II launch, the South Korean company pretty much took a piss on all the idiots who camp out outside Apple stores to buy the new iPhone. It's brutal:

    Then, Samsung did it again last year for the Galaxy S III. Same idea, arguably more brutal. However, the most subtly scathing parody I've seen hits Apple where it hurts: design. People love to flip out over Apple's perfect products and rave about how Apple made technology pretty. But let's face it, sometimes even the holy Jony Ive misses the ball. Sometimes, Apple also sounds pretty ridiculous when it's basically masturbating on screen while describing a new gadget:

    But not everybody's so malicious. A lot of people just like making ridiculous videos and, like I said before, Apple almost makes it too easy. Of the many fake Apple product videos, this one of a super tall iPhone 5 is my favorite:

    Finally, there's the Matt Groening genre. Both The Simpsons and Futurama have devoted entire episodes to Apple — or rather, cartoon tributes to the company. The Simpsons episode where Lisa becomes obsessed with Mapple products and meets Steve Mobs is one of my favorites of all time:

    Futurama takes an even more absurd approach when everyone in the gang all gets an eyePhone. "I'll explain after I install it:"

    The most absurd thing of all, though — how many times have I said "absurd" in this post? — has to be the fact that all these parodies sort of add up to free advertising for Apple. Because as batshit crazy as the company can be sometimes, it also make pretty things that people pay top dollar for. So keep spending fan boys, while everybody else just laughs.