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    The Oil Company Whose Rig Just Exploded Sucks At Everything, Especially Safety Videos

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    Brian Merchant

    Senior Editor

    Every day, oil companies do a bunch of dumb, embarrassing things—they greenwash their oily-ass operations, they say they’re pro-environment, they ignore safety regulations, and they cut corners to increase profit margins. We just don’t really notice all of the terrible things that oil companies do until one of their rigs explodes.

    And that happened today. A working oil platform exploded this morning, and it’s owned by a Louisiana company called Black Elk Energy. Here are all the gory details about the disaster—four hospitalized, two missing, spillage uncertain, etc.

    And here is a safety video the company made to educate employees about all of the various precautions that it had taken to ensure its oil rigs don’t explode.

    BEE Facility Safety Orientation from Black Elk Energy on Vimeo.


    And here is a screenshot of Black Elk Energy’s “Save the Blue” effort, which proposes we preserve oil platforms in the Gulf, because fish like to swim around them. And because Black Elk Energy doesn’t want to pay to dismantle them. (Hat tip to Trey Pollard for this one)

    They made a video that shows some fish living around one of their oil platforms:

    Here you can sign Black Elk Energy’s petition, so you can support its mission of being lazy and not having to pay to restore the environment:

    The irony is just too rich.

    Here, CEO and president of Black Elk Energy calls his company an “ethical and ecologically friendly” operation. Here is a picture of him.

    Black Elk Energy probably did nothing worse than any of the other companies that own and recklessly operate oil rigs offshore. So while we rush to point out more of the ineptitude that is Black Elk Energy, let us remember: Every last one of them will look this horrible when one of their rigs explodes. And they will.