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    The Navy Just Unveiled the World's Greatest Wave Pool

    On Friday, a bunch of military and White House people cut the ribbon one the Maneuvering and Seakeeping (MASK) Basin in Bethesda, Maryland. MASK is a 12 million gallon, 35 feet deep pool designed to mimic any imaginable wave condition on planet Earth. Sadly the planned users of the pool are not a bunch of my drunk friends clinging to Walmart kiddie rafts, but scale models of Navy warships and torpedoes. The pool delivers waves at the touch of a button and has the capability to return to perfect flatness in under a minute. Pardon the local news video, but somehow that’s all there is at the moment. If I can convince the Navy to let me float around in their awesome wave pool, I promise I’ll strap on a couple of GoPros for you.   


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