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    The Camelopardalids Meteor Shower Was Hardly a Bust

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    Michael Byrne


    Astrophotographer Gavin Heffernan, the founder and main camera behind Sunchaser Pictures, was out in the California desert at Joshua Tree last night and snapped some photos of the Camelpardalids meteor shower. Much of the skywatching internet has declared the shower a bust, but Heffernan doesn't seem too disappointed. "Didn't see a million of them, but captured a few nice strikes with Milky Way in the background," he writes in an email. That email also included the following time-lapse of one particular strike, which would seem to make the whole trip worthwhile.

    Heffernan noted also that this is just a preview of a larger time-lapse video project that he's releasing later in the week. In the meantime, his astrophotography "dreamlapse" back catalog is well worth getting lost in.