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    Teacher Uploads Sexy Pictures to School iPad, Students Suspended for Finding Them

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    Adam Clark Estes

    A small town in Indiana is a little shaken up if not entirely confused after four boys were suspended from school after finding a suggestive picture of their teacher on a school-issued iPad. The students were working on an assignment and asked to use the teacher’s iPad. She agreed under the condition that they would only use two apps. She also probably didn’t realize that the neck-down picture she took of herself on her iPhone has been streamed to the iPad through her iCloud account and was chilling out in the Photos app. Like any hormone-powered seventh grade boys would do, they went straight for the Photos app, found said sexy image of their teacher and chaos ensued.

    That is, until the truth came out. When first reported, the photo in question wasn’t just a sexy picture of a teacher, but was described as a topless picture of a teacher. And before administrators worked out the play-by-play, it appeared that the teacher was using the school’s iPad for her porny photo shoots.

    However, after everyone had a couple of days to collect themselves following the discovery of the photo earlier this week, we were left with a more sobering reality. The photo was not topless nor was it nude nor was it pornographic. Following a police investigation — yes, they got the police involved — local detective Joel Sandefur revealed that the photo was “from the neck down, with partial exposure” and did not break any laws. And rather than using school property for her sexting needs, the teacher in question actually just didn’t really understand how iCloud works and made a terrible, however hilarious mistake.

    So if the teacher screwed up, why did the four students get suspended? That’s easy: They weren’t supposed to touch the Photo app! The teacher told them not to do something, and they did it. School officials even said after the investigation was closed that the teacher didn’t do anything wrong and would face no disciplinary action. The students were not happy about this outcome. “It’s not our fault that she had the photo on there,” 13-year-old Joshua Troutt told the local press. “We couldn’t do anything not to look at it, if it just popped up when he pressed the button. It was her fault that she had the photo on there. Her iPhone synched to it. She had to have pressed something to make all of her photos synch on there.”

    But at least everybody learned a lesson here. That’s what school’s for, after all. The students learned not to disobey their teacher. The teacher learned not to stream sexy pictures onto school property. And the school officials learned not to give teachers iPads who don’t know how the devices work.