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    Tame Impala's New Video Is An Inner-Mind Roller Rink for Lone Wolves

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    Brian Anderson

    When I caught up with Tame Impala brainchild Kevin Parker a few weeks ago, fresh on the heels of the Aussie neo-psyche wunderkind’s stunning, synth-laden sophomore release, Lonerism, I asked him about that curious bit of wordism. I was curious about not only lonerism the word, but also the concept – the idea of isolation, of being a loner.

    “I like it because it just describes the idea of a loner as a kind of thing,” Parker said. “A way of life, or whatever.”

    In today’s world, with seemingly breakneck technological advances at every turn, we are all lone wolves, it seems. And nowhere is this isolation – be it techno-embracing, or not – more apparent than the video for Parker’s latest single. Sonically, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” lumbers along with all the lazy circles of musty roller rinks circa 1978. Visually, we get the same effect, it seems, in that a single profile appears again and again, the doors and roads and horizons of the mind opening, closing, stretching further and deeper to into the raw, base, primary colors of the self. It’s gorgeous, really trippy, and hurts so fucking good.

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