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    Superstorm Sandy in 10 GIFs

    Written by

    Daniel Stuckey


    Waking up this morning with a bit of a headache after yesterday’s 12-hour marathon of The Weather Channel, I pulled up the shades in my guestroom here at a friend’s place in the UN Plaza, semi-fearing an apocalyptic landscape. Last night, when I took a break from rotting my brain on the non-stop Sandy broadcast, I went to grab a pizza from Domino’s, which was delivering on bikes right into the storm. While waiting for my pizza to cook, I walked over the FDR to capture some of the flooding. After I got back up to the apartment, looking down at the footbridge where I’d been taking pictures of the flooding, a stray taxi had been added to the scene. But I’m well aware that my personal perspective was limited on the overall devastation left in Sandy’s wake. Brian Merchant is working on a nice collection of Sandy’s worst and eeriest scenes, so I went looking on YouTube for some moving images. Here is a collection of animations I made, some from what I took, some from others:

    The flooded FDR

    FDR and 51st (looking south with UN Tower in the background)

    A woman stands quietly observing the flooded FDR and riverfront walkway

    FDR and 51st (looking north)

    Cab stuck at FDR and 51st

    Water headed for the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel (via)

    The awful fire of Breezy Point, Queens (via)

    ConEd’s transformer explosion (via)

    DEP boat comin’ down the East River

    “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

    All GIF’s by Daniel Stuckey

    Rainbow GIF from video courtesy