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    So Here Are the First Billion Digits of Pi

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    Brian Anderson

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    Via MIT. 

    We eat up pi. We bear a very strange, age-old history of counting π. Six-year-old wunderkinds are memorizing and reciting dozens, hundreds, even thousands of digits of the constant, irrational number with relative ease. We know what pi "looks" like. But what does pi, or at least part of pi, really, actually look like?

    Count your lucky integers, Archimedes, because this raw string of the first billion digits of pi is a real, live thing that exists. It's hardly much of anything in the scope of a number that for all we know neither ends nor repeats. Indeed, it's nothing. But it's a start. Fair warning, though: Clicking that link is probably going to crash your browser. So I've gone ahead and broken off a few of my personal favorite bits of pi crust, and included my completely non-expert theories into each.  

    In this I see the genetic code of the dozen of so shape-shifting reptilians cooped up in that windowless room in Yucca Mountain, running the show:

    This one totally prophesizes Area 51:

    If you look close enough, this one will tell you exactly why you keeping seeing the number 23 everywhere:

    And here is the wibbly-wobbly basis behind that one mathematician thinking he can make a moment in time "disappear" using only mirrors: