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    Saying GIF: The Answer Once and For All

    Written by

    Ben Richmond

    Contributing Editor

    When Steve Wilhite got up to accept his Lifetime Achievement Webby Award, everyone at my Webby party started spilling their champagne, tearing their sashes–just losing their shit.

    "There he is!" one nerd exclaimed, "the inventor of the gif!"

    "The inventor of the what?" said another, pausing midway through the naked baby dance.

    "You know," the first said, "The graphics interchange format?"

    "I know what he invented," said the second, being a real asshole. "I also know how to say it. Gif."

    He nailed the soft 'g,' sending spittle into the first's eye. "Like the peanut butter."

    "Aw, fuck off, man," said the first. "It's not 'jraphics,'"

    And then, before a fist fight–or more likely a frantic, smart phone Googling–could break out, Wilhite settled the matter once and for all.

    We sat back down, humbled.

    "How is that the 'soft' g?" the first asked no one in particular. "Gossamer. Goose down. These are soft things."