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    Republicans Hate Lunch, Democrats Dig Croissants, and Other Observations from a Hilarious New Poll

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    Derek Mead


    Chick-Fil-A fans protest gay marriage with fast food. Only in America, right? Via the AP

    Public Policy Polling published the results of a rather amusing poll today which, rather than looking at things like sequestration or North Korea or Iran or any of that other normal political fodder, asked regular old Americans about food. Naturally, the conversation still revolved around politics, and naturally, it was focused on fast food. What did you expect? We live in a country where fried chicken purchases count as activism. I pulled out some interesting tidbits for the bootsy Excel graphs below, but check out all the results at Public Policy Polling.

    Chick-Fil-A, purveyor most politicized chicken in the nation. What a poll we've got on our hands. 

    Americans sure hate lunch. Why? Are sandwiches really that lame? 

    What this country does love is sugar. PPP asked 500 registered voters these questions, which means ome may have been underage. But seriously, generic "coke" beats generic beer by this wide of a margin? Sugar fiends, all of you.

    But we don't want to admit it. By the way, the CDC says 35.7% of Americans are obese. Liars!

    Ha ha, those socialist Democrats love French pastries, while Republicans love donuts.

    The fact that this was a question is absolutely hilarious. Is it authentic fast-casual dining? Are the breadsticks? What is authentic Italian anyway?

    Republicans don't care for people that don't eat meat. Vegetables are un-American!