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    Rastaman Rob Ford Dances for Dogecoins in City Hall

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    Daniel Stuckey


    Notable crack enthusiast Rob Ford was seen dancing to reggae in council chambers yesterday, in what appears to be some sort of homage from the Torontonian political elite to the chill rasta vibes the holidays are known for. So why is Ford easy skanking to a rendition of "One Love"? Is this yet another middle-finger to his citizens, or is there some pent-up desire beneath the surface of his tortured soul, just dying to make things right?

    I like to think he just watched Reincarnated, and that he found some resonance with Snoop's tranformation from Dogg to Lion, from gangbangin' and drug-slangin' to the healing powers of reggae. Perhaps this is Ford's desperate attempt at a rebrand. Given Ford's propensity of becoming a meme, perhaps it's time we call him Ford Doge, in homage to the canine that outmemed him by very order: much magnitude.

    Better yet, given the roaring success of Dogecoin, the first literal meme currency, I have to ask: Will there be a cryptocurrency in Mayor Ford's name before the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve? Holy hell, I hope so, just so Fordcoin can get tossed around council chambers like a booze belly full of irie jams.

    Much Rob Ford
    so rasta
    wow (can you believe this guy is still in office)