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    Ones and Zeros: Ashy Lakes, Trashy Internets

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    Ones Zeros

    I know I can’t be the only one who is bummed out by the ending of Colton Moore’s crazy adventure

    ZERO: Colton Moore, the “barefoot bandit”, pleads guilty (Boing Boing)

    ONE: photos of the volcanic ash from puyehue (The Atlantic)

    ZERO: Duh, internets don’t always cause revolution (Guardian)

    ONE: Questioning brain science in law and order (The Atlantic)

    ZERO: Belarus president doesn’t much like that “trash called the Internet” (MSN)

    ONE: Hacking defenses advance (New York Times)

    ZERO: Steampunk culture is “just getting started”(LA Times)

    ONE: Human vaccine used to cure prostate cancer in mice (Medicalxpress)

    Zero: Jackass star Ryan Dunn dies in tragic car wreck (MSNBC)