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    Nosaj Thing Made a Space Leisure Track with Toro y Moi

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    Derek Mead


    Image via Tristan Martin

    Nosaj Thing is supposed to release his sophomore album, called Home, sometime next week. As a little teaser to build buzz on these old interwebz, he released the closing track early. Featuring Toro y Moi, it's a downtempo track with the floaty vibes both artists are known for. But why am I yammering about it when you could listen to it:

    If bossa nova wasn't Brazilian and instead was created by hip Plutonians, it'd sound something like this. Space lounge is what we'll call it, and you better believe that it's what I'll be listening to in 5 years to chill out while I rocket up to my orbiting apartment on Friday afternoons, right before I suck back (we're in space, after all) some Martian tequila and cruise to the Moon.

    Anyway, nice track. Oh, and if you're a German robot into the space music thing, here's the definitive space travel soundtrack: