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    Must Love Dogs Driving

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    Richard Woolsock

    Any writer worth his weight in paper will tell you that the first sentence is always the hardest one to write. There, I did it. Isn't it insane that we live in a world where dogs can drive? I love it. It's a dream come true in a lot of ways. I love to imagine the drunken looks on the faces of these dogs' owners, steadying their cameras as they try to keep from bursting out in laughter as their dogs, their fucking pet, operates a vehicle.

    Could any Mayan have predicted this? Could any pope, employed or unemployed, have anything of substance to add to this hilarious conversation unfolding on the Internet? Doubtful. No politician, cop-killing killer cop, or planet-squashing astersoid could even contemplate the surreality of this truly remarkable thing. You know, dogs driving. Oh, and as near as I can tell or am willing to Google, this is just a legal, normal thing in New Zealand now. You can get blackout drunk in New Zealand and your dog will drive you somewere.

    They just keep going and going if you search for the shit online. Why bother sharing more than these three, huh?

    Take it easy! Mush, damn you!