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    It's Time for Motherboard 3.0, and We're Throwing a Little Party

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    Dear readers, just a little programming note: starting this week, Motherboard relaunches with a fresh design (hang tight), new editorial and video content, and a friendlier, faster experience overall. To celebrate this, and our three year anniversary, we’re throwing a party in New York on Thursday night.

    We’re thrilled all around, and especially jazzed that the party will be scored by RZA, Large Professor, Holly Herndon, Mas Ysa, Driphouse, and Forma; installations by indie gamers Babycastles, food scientist Justin Warner, gif magician Ryder Ripps, hologram guru Dr Laser, and the outrageous sound system of Dub Stuy. Plus drinks from 42Below Vodka and food from our pal Eddie Huang of Baohaus—all brought to you with help from the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

    If it all sounds a little over the top, well, sometimes over the top is a good thing—especially when it involves lasers (remember that time we went to the moon?)

    While the team works like an astronaut crew on unfuddling the new site into its own living, breathing internet, get more info about the party and RSVP here.

    Watch this space, and hang on to your butts.

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