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    "Hot Girls" Don't Live in San Francisco Because of Websites Like This

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    Meghan Neal

    contributing editor

    I see a lot of dumbass things on the internet, but this one is extra ripe: makesfbetter.com, a website asking "Why don't hot girls want to live in San Francisco?" and trying to crowdsource the answer in order to improve the city by increasing its supply of sexy girls.

    Pretty gross right? Who is the turd behind this thing? A quick lookup on who.is revealed the domain was last updated in May and the owner is still at large. But the sneaking suspicion is that this charming link is a product of the male-dominated techie hubris that's crawled up from Silicon Valley and turned San Francisco on its head. And in that case, the obvious answer here, as was rightly pointed out on Twitter, is that "hot" girls or any girls don't want to live in a city full of asshats who ask chauvinistic questions like that one. It's also just not true. (There's also the very real possibility the site is just a hoax to incur the wrath of San Franciscans and cause a shitstorm on the internet, in which case, touché dude.) 

    Whether or not the stereotypical rich techie elite's loathed arrogance and proclivity to objectify women is actually behind makesfbetter.com, it's hardly the only time the sentiment has made the internet's blood boil. Maybe you remember a little post by entrepreneur Peter Shih, 10 Things I Hate About You: San Francisco Edition? Number five on the list is "49ers," which Shih clarified as "Not the football team, they're great. I’m referring to all the girls who are obviously 4's and behave like they are 9's. Just because San Francisco has the worst Female to Male ratio in the known universe doesn’t give you the right to be a bitch all the time."

    There's one accurate thing about that comment, though: San Francisco's male-to-female ratio leaves something to be desired. That was the case when I lived there a few years ago, and I can't imagine it's any better now. So here's a suggestion: why not put effort into closing the gender gap in the tech industry, which persists in no small part because of bro-y locker room attitudes like the one in this very website? Then maybe more of the newcomers migrating to San Francisco will be girls. Hot, smart, old, nice, bitchy, ugly, and everything else—hopefully just not another sexist jerk.