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    Here's the World's Largest Caliber Rifle Being the World's Largest Caliber Rifle

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    Brian Anderson

    Features Editor

    It shouldn't take a no-shootin' Yankee to realize how truly absurd this thing is, what with its bullets the size of my freaking head.

    One of only three of its kind built by Ohio's SSK Industries, the .905-caliber monster apparently packs a recoil equivalent to simulataneously firing ten .30-06 rifles. That's some kick. It's enough to give a fully-grown adult a real jerk, as evidenced by the multiple bro hoots, hollers, and gaffaws that pepper the video. How even the staunchest of firearms advocates could justify getting their hands on one for any other reason besides it being the biggest toy on the block is beyond me. But what do I know? Until a week ago I'd never shot a gun, let alone held one. 

    That said, keep an eye out for Motherboard's upcoming doc on the future of smart, not gigantic, weaponry.