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    Here Is a Jaguar Tripping on Yage, the Ayahuasca Vine

    Written by

    Brian Anderson

    Features Editor

    I've written a bit about why we see what we see when tripping on psychedelics. But what about animals? What does, say, a big cat see after munching down some hallucinogenic jungle leaves?

    We can only wonder. But we can observe how that jaguar behaves once its under the spell of yage, which for centuries has been brewed into ayahuasca. The beast just seems to melt. It's nothing erratic, though it does call to mind, in the annals of our observing trippy cats, this 'lil guy that was dosed on LSD during the US Army's so-called psychedelic Manhattan Project throughout the 50s and 60s.

    Sure, it was forced subjection that confused the cat. The jaguar, some would believe, munched yage because it wanted to, perhaps as a way to sharpen its hunting skills. But I mean, c'mon. Just look at the leaves, man.