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    Here Are Some Candidates for the White House's First GIF

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    Daniel Stuckey


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    If you hadn't heard, the Executive Branch has finally launched its own Tumblr page, Whitehouse.tumblr.com. For some reason, a piece of refrigerator art accompanies the Oval Office's statement. They're a bit late to the game (Michelle has already been an active Pinterest patronfor quite some time now), but no concessions are made for the tumblr blog. The inaugural post explains it'll be active in all the regular applications of the self-publishing site. "And yes, of course there will be GIFs."

    In any case, I went directly to the blog's submission link, fighting to submit the first GIF on the White House's new web property. This, my friends, is how you send a letter to Obama in the age of 2.0. So here are some GIFs I submitted; I created the first five, and the rest are some all-time classics that deserve consideration. I assume the more I submit, the more likely I am to succeed. But they'll mostly be vetoed.