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    'Gravity Is a Mistake': The Batshit Rollercoaster Concepts of Dr. Nick Laslowicz

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    Brian Anderson

    Features Editor

    By their names alone--Spherothon, the Wedding Cake, the Dandelion, the Expander, and so on--they'd easily fit in down at the county fair, right next to the Tilt-a-Whirl and the GRAVITRON and that patch of gravel in front on the funnel-cake stand where the punks drag smokes. 

    But these aren't your grandpa's rollercoasters. (No offense, grandpa--if only the Bobs was still around). Dreamt up Dr. Nick Laslowicz and colleagues at the Institue for Centrifugal Research, these are what happen when you take research into the fine art of centrifugalization (the ICR believes the "trickiest challenges" facing making can be recified by "spinning people around") to it's limits--if only on paper. We're still far from ever being able to step aboard say, the ICR's High-Altitude Conveyance System, a vertiginous, squid-looking thing that would be able to seat 2,844 and that would last 14 hours. But I can already hear the POV-video enthusiasts barfing.

    Top: High-Altitude Conyence ride (via ICR). Video by Till Nowak

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