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    Free Tip for Elected Officials: Do Not Like 'Big Bootie Freaks' on Facebook

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    Adam Clark Estes

    Rotund rump afficionado Charles Mainor. Image via NJ.com

    It feels like a no-brainer for all you social media native kids out there, but the generation that's currently running the country doesn't really understand how Facebook works. This week, Jersey City Assemblyman Charles Mainor is dealing with a small tsunami of criticism for publicly liking some less than awesome pages on Facebook.

    Let me rephrase that. Assemblyman Mainor liked a couple of pages that frat boys probably think are awesome, pages that frat boys can like all day long without anybody batting an eyelash. But when you're an elected official, it's not okay to like pages like "Big Booty Freaks" or "You Got Knocked the Fck Out Man," a page that shares videos of people, well, getting knocked the fuck out. It's worse if you've only liked five things, and these are two of them. So if you're an elected official and you're reading this, take this advice: Don't like pages like this. Everybody can probably see that you're doing it, and that's not awesome for your political career.

    Assemblyman Mainor's not exactly the world's leading expert in avoiding stuff that's not awesome for his political career, however, especially when it comes to Facebook. Last year, he called the Philadelphia Eagles "gaybirds" on Facebook — the Dallas Cowboys earned the slightly less offensive nickname "cowgirls" — and then quit using Facebook. Good move, Charles.

    This time around, Mainor denied Liking the pages but then when proof, like the very incriminating screenshot to the right, popped up, he owned up to the mistake. "I don't do Facebook," he told the press on Monday morning. Bad move. Because one of the really tricky things about Facebook is that when you do stuff on Facebook, other people on Facebook can see that you did it, take screenshots and then print them in your local paper. 

    Mainor attempted some sort of defense about how people were trying to sabotage his gun control plans. In the process, however, he only further exposed his ignorance of Facebook. The politician explained to The Jersey Journal that his daughter showed him one of the illicit pages, and he Liked it so that he could go back and look at it more. "As far as the Big Bootie Freaks – listen, I love women," Mainor said, "but it shouldn't be on there but I don't know how to get it out." First of all, that's what she said. Second of all, ask your daughter. She'll tell you that the obvious way to Unlike a page is to click the link that says "Unlike." She should also be able to explain why you shouldn't Like anything on Facebook that makes you look like a misogynist or a lover of violence.

    Don't worry, Mr. Mainor. This little social media scandal will pass, and you'll get better at the Internet. If you're in doubt, remember: It could be much, much worse.