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    Finally, Face-Scrambling Glasses to Go With Your Drone-Proof Cloak

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    Brian Merchant

    Senior Editor

    In early 2013, the engineer/artist Adam Harvey unveiled a drone-proof burqa he called Stealth Wear. The garment cloaks the wearer in "nickel-metalized fabric designed to thwart IR-detection by thermal cameras," as Kelly Bourdet explained after interviewing Harvey. Just one problem: It leaves your face exposed.

    Drones and CCTV cams can still spot your smiling face and send it on over to the good folks at the NSA or whereever else they're processing domestic spy data.

    Thankfully, Japan's National Institute of Informatics came up with the missing anti-detection puzzle piece—glasses that scramble facial recognition algorithms. It's already being touted as the "anti-Google Glass." It uses 11 separate near-infrared LED lights to blind surveillance cameras.

    Pull on the drone-proof stealth wear, slide on your surveillance-scrambling goggles, and live free from the tyranny of the state's electric eye.