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    Every Google Doodle in One GIF

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    Daniel Stuckey


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    To celebrate the search giant's birthday, I set out to put every single Google doodle ever created into one, long-play animated GIF. I made Google a doodle and a GIF last year, but really wanted to do something better for its 15th. Little did I know, making it would consume more than 10 hours of my time. 

    As I plunged into it, frame-by-frame, everything was fine. I had a good workflow established. But as I got into the more recent years (2010-2013), Google started doodling something almost every day. Sometimes, Google would doodle twice a day in multiple countries. If you're new to the Internet, Google basically doodles every major and minor world event, every team at each World Cup, every sporting event at the Olympics, the 495th birthday of Li Shizhen, the 126th birthday of Erwin Schrödinger, and apparently anyone's birthday it happens to be when Google's doodler dude/dudette checks Wikipedia in the morning.

    Plugging endless doodles into each frame eventually felt demeaning, my laptop got super bogged down. But it became a personal challenge after the first 500 frames, and I couldn't stop myself. So behold, this is simply the biggest, most time-consuming animation I've ever saved as a .gif. It is comprised of 1,809 frames and takes a few minutes to get through (speeds may vary depending on connection and browser).

    Happy 15th birthday, Google! Thanks for the email account and stuff.