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    Eight Types Of Food You Love, Now Made By Robots

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    Michelle Lhooq

    By now, you’ve definitely heard about the Burrit0bot — pretty much the most awesome 3D printer in the world. It lets you make burritos … with your iPhone. (If you hadn’t heard about this till now, go ahead and collect your brain pieces from the floor.) Burrit0bot is, very sadly, still a prototype designed by an NYU grad student named Marko Manriquez for his thesis project. Meaning that it hasn’t been made yet.

    So — to appease your disappointment — we decided to round up all of the grub that already can be made by robots. To follow, your futuristic food porn:


    The Munchies: Noodles and dumplings.

    The Bots: 18 super-cute robots run a restaurant in China, including Dumpling Robot, Noodle Robot and Cooking Robot.

    Why Awesome: Singing Robot and Dog Robot will also hang out with you.


    The Munchies: A ham and cheese omelette.

    The Bot: Chief Cook Robot, developed in Switzerland, will cheerily whip eggs, grate cheese, and slice ham to make you eggs for breakfast.

    Why Awesome: It’s controlled by a Nintendo Wii. And it never takes off its mini chef’s hat.


    The Munchies: Sushi.

    The Bot: Japanese-made SushiBot can pump out 60 pieces of sushi per minute.

    Why Awesome: Finally, something that can keep up with your nigiri-annihilating prowess.


    The Munchie: Beer.

    The Bot: Asahi’s Beerbot will refrigerate three cans of beer and a couple glasses in its belly, then crack open a cold one and pour it for you whenever you want (which would be: anytime).

    Why Awesome: You can actually buy this little guy online in real life.


    The Munchies: Doner Kebabs.

    The Bot: German robot FFDR-V1004 uses a digital camera to measure the perfect thickness of each slice of meat, then folds it into pita.

    Why Awesome: Germans apparently love kebabs more than Turkish people do.


    The Munchies: Soft-serve Ice Cream

    The Bot: “Yasawa-kun,” who relaxes inside a booth at the Japanese waterpark Tokyo Summerland. After you choose your flavor on a touchscreen, he’ll add syrup and toppings, then pass it through a glass screen.

    Why Awesome: Much safer than an Elmo to have around kids.


    The Munchies: Sausages.

    The Bot: Chef Rosie and Sous-Chef James, from the Technical University of Munich. Rosie will boil the sausage while James slices bread with an electric slicer.

    Why Awesome: They’re supposed to be “roommates.”


    The Munchies: Pizza.

    The Bot: Let’s Pizza vending machines from Italy — arriving in the US this year — mixes all the ingredients, kneads the dough, squirts out sauce, adds your ingredients, and bakes the pie … in 2.5 minutes.

    Why Awesome: 2.5 minutes.

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