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    E-Cigars Are Here, and They're Glorious

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    Derek Mead


    Wandering through the back alleys of CES, wading through the fringes of toy robots and solar phone chargers (this is the place where the USB humping dog was likely born), I found something that struck me like a beam of warm summer light: a guy sucking back on what looked like some sort of futuristic wizard's wand. This guy:

    Turns out he's a rep for an e-cigarette company from Shenzen, China called–no joke–Kelvin Health. And Kelvin has taken the e-cigarette game to stunning, brain-melting new heights. Welcome to a world that now has e-cigars.

    It's the size of a real, big-ass cigar, has a tip that lights up, and features Kelvin's own brand of healthy nicotine cartridges. The e-cig business has really blown up in recent years, partly because it may or may not be healthier than inhaling smoke and partly because you can smoke indoors.

    Kelvin is marketing its various offerings, which all charge up via USB and have replaceable cartridges, to a higher-end market; the right-most three models in the top photo (starting with the red one) are called the Magic, CEO, and eGO-T. Stunningly, Kelvin even makes an e-hookah, but it's the e-cigar that's simply incredible.

    I want one, and I don't even smoke (legal note: nor am I encouraging you to). No smoke, no ash, no gross taste and burnt throat halfway through. Just pure vapor and Mr. Big vibes. It'd turn every trip to the driving range into the golfing scene in Goldfinger, and turn every subway ride into a yacht trip. More than anything at CES, the e-cigar shows the future is truly here, and it's wonderful.