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    Oblivion Droneday at SXSW 2013

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    Brian Anderson

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    Drones are everywhere now, nearly literally: they're not just flying over other countries but over your house. On Monday at SXSW, Motherboard is throwing a Droneday at our VICELAND space, which we'll refer to as a happening--it's not a panel, it's not a film, it's not a chance to see and touch and fly quadcopters. It's all of those things. (It's also a place to touch the spaceship that Tom Cruise flies in Oblivion, that upcoming sci-fi movie in which he plays a drone repairman. Yes, you read that right. If you thought a Predator looked scary, wait until you see this thing.) 

    Photo by Erich Schegel photography

    DRONEDAY / by Motherboard and Oblivion (Monday, March 11, 2013, at VICELAND -- 401 East Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, Texas)

    Hacks, a roundtable on the ups and downs of flying robots, and indoor air shows. Plus a screening of Motherboard's new documentary about UAV over the US, "DroneOn." Set to autopilot and come party with VICE + OBLIVION. All humans welcome.

    Presented by Oblivion, the upcoming futuristic action-adventure film starring Tom Cruise, in theaters April 19.

    3-5pm: Demos and a roundtable with

    • Justin Edwards -- DroneAbove
    • Trevor Timm -- Electronic Frontier Foundation
    • Gene Robinson -- RP Search Services
    • Chris Sanz -- Drone Games
    • Nabiha Syed -- The New York Times

    5-7pm: Airtime: hands-on demos, workshops, displays, films, and partying

    7pm-8pm: Oblivion Soundtrack Listening Party featuring new original music by M83


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    Here's a stream for #droneday, @VICEdrone and @motherboard: