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    Somebody Whose Name Rhymes With Ronald Frump Will Pay You $20 to Pretend You Hate Wind Turbines in Public

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    Brian Merchant

    Senior Editor

    So I don't have enough evidence to technically confirm that Donald Trump is personally willing to pay you $20 to attend a midtown Manhattan protest against the construction of wind turbines in Scotland, but someone is. And it's probably Donald Trump. There's only one man who's rich, dumb, and pompous enough to pay people to stand outside in January and pretend they hate clean energy.

    Here's the mysterious Craigslist posting that outlines the job offer:

    Remember, Donald Trump hates wind turbines more than he hates Rosie O'Donnell. Here's a compendium of his most gloriously insane anti-wind power tweets over the years. Trump's base of operations is in Manhattan, and, really, this has got to be a Trump-affiliated entity. There's no other valid explanation.

    Trump hates wind turbines because Scotland has approved the construction of a new wind farm in the general vicinity of one of Trump's towering flatulent monuments to obscene wealth. You can see the turbines from the golf course, which bothers Trump, probably because he fears it might remind the kind of rich people that stay in Trump hotels that there are problems in the world that less rich people are trying to solve while they are on vacation. 

    Regardless, if you want to make a quick $20 bucks and maybe photobomb the world's biggest windbag as he stages an incomprehensible opposition to clean energy, here's your ticket.