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    Donald Trump's Twitter Crusade Against Wind Power is Predictably and Hilariously Dumb

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    Brian Merchant

    Senior Editor

    Donald Trump, a man best known for possessing both hair and bigotry that defy the laws of physics, also really hates wind turbines. Why? Partly because he’s a fringy right wing ideologue who thinks that ‘green energy’ is synonymous with the October Revolution. But mostly because a couple wind turbines are visible from a golf course he built in Scotland, which he feels will “be destroyed by having [these] monstrosities looming over it.”

    Earlier this year, the famous buffoon got into a public spat with Scotland’s government over the matter, where he said all sorts of amazing and clownish things before launching a life-long Twitter campaign to vent his unintentionally humorous views. Trump told Scottish MSPs that wind turbines will ruin his golf course, which he compares to Disneyland and believes is the best in the world. As such, he feels that the imposing wind turbines are “one of the most serious problems Scotland has had, or will ever have,” and that “they are going to be the destruction of your tourism industry” and that “If you pursue this goal of building these monsters all over Scotland, Scotland will go broke.”

    When one of the MSPs asked him to supply a single piece of evidence with which to support his claims, which he had quite clearly pulled out of his ass, he then said, “I am the evidence. I am an expert at tourism. I have won many awards … I am a lot more of an expert than the people you’d like me to hire to do it for a pay-check. I am considered a world-class expert in tourism. When you say where is the evidence, I am the evidence.” He later added, upon finding out that the Scottish Prime Minister wished to expand the wind project, that “Alex Salmond must have a death wish.”

    Physically incapable of saying anything more idiotic on the topic aloud, he took to Twitter to lambast wind power. And he has never stopped. Below, find what is merely a best-of collection of Trump’s inane butt-hurt ramblings about wind power, all of which are inspired by the laughably insignificant fact that you can see a turbine or two from the 12th hole on his Scottish golf course.




    No link to evidence of any kind is supplied. It never is. But be assured! Wind turbines leave a wake of destruction wherever they go—take it from Trump. They got Palm Springs!


    And now they are coming for your house.


    Here’s one for Rachel Maddow:



    Like modern whirling Medusas, wind turbines are just terrible harbingers of destruction that destroy every man, woman, in child who lay eyes upon them. What, where’s the proof you ask? Just look at Mr. Trump. He is the proof—he looked directly at one once, and he has been transformed into an incomprehensible blubbering bigot. He is the evidence.