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    British Animator Cyriak Built Bonobo a Universe Made of Loops

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    Michael Byrne


    Maybe you know the British animator Cyriak as the guy who destroyed the Large Hadron Collider. Or, at least he did on 4chan and, a quick search reveals, a whole bunch of other more conspiracy-minded internet forums (and Yahoo Answers). The prank was pretty simple: mock up a fairly mundane-looking webpage purporting to host webcams for the LHC, present it to different online places in fairly mundane terms ("Just look at this site, where they have live webcams at the LHC. Nothing ever happens"), and, once it becomes "real" enough for the viewer, animate a couple of wormholes eating up existence. Good times.

    The video below for Bonobo's “Cirrus” isn't a prank, just an epic and hallucinatory exercise in video looping, in which a few clips become the atomic seeds for an entire universe of motion. It's way fun.

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