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    Bill Gates Wants to Be Immortal

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    Adam Clark Estes

    Bill "The Boy Wonder" Gates is trying to stay young. As usual, he's been busy giving all of his money away and hanging out in his $150 million house. (You know, the one that has a swimming pool with an "underwater music system" and the nickname Xanadu 2.0.) But lately, Gates has been branching out a bit, too. He's spending more time on the Twitter, where he tweets about building toilets and curing diseases a lot. The billionaire got really hip this week, however, when he showed up on Reddit to host an AMA and be the butt of a bunch of Internet geeks' jokes.

    Actually, the whole event was much more civil than one might expect. In fact, it was kind of a hoot. What did we learn? Among other things, we learned that Bill Gates wants to be immortal, still codes sometimes and really really likes the Nordic countries. We made some screenshots of our favorite moments.

    Bill Gates on immortality

    Bill Gates on the future of technology

    Bill Gates on Windows (or weed, it's unclear)

    Bill Gates on pretending not to be rich

    Bill Gates on coding like it's 1979

    BONUS: Bill Gates conducted the whole AMA using his Perspective Pixel, an 80-inch tablet like device that also works as a whiteboard. Look how excited he is!