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    "An Inconvenient Enema" and Other Tales: A Greatest Hits of Internet People Hating Science

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    Michael Byrne


    My travels through the barrel bottoms of 1-star Amazon and Netflix review territory tell me that there’s a lot of people in the world that like to look at bugs doing stuff and volcanoes smoking that don’t actually like to know how things work or, rather, hate being told how things work. I suspect there’s a huge market for science documentaries for Christian evangelicals that consists of videos of nature with no narration at all, just corny music and the occasional bible verse. Maybe it exists. Anyhow, next time you’re watching a GOP debate in terror with an empty bottle of Jack Daniels contemplating that shack in the woods, remember that these people exist — and they thought of the shack in the woods thing first. Sleep well.

    Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe, Simon Singh
    By Amazon reviewer Chris from ABQ

    When you get through the hype associated with mainstream physics you are left with trying to find logical support for its most cherished assumptions. Singh does no better than anyone else at propping up the fast fading concept of a big bang. At least 6 different assumptions, none of which can be proven, are needed to establish the existence of a Big Bang. Singh fails miserably in his attempt to find logical support for a Big Bang.

    The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution, Richard Dawkins
    By Amazon reviewer Joe Boudreault

    Richard Dawkins has developed quite a reputation as a propagandist for the fallacies in the general theory of evolution. Again he leaps right in with declarations of “it’s a fact” and he even has the audacity of comparing anti-evolutionists to holocaust deniers. You can immediately see the familiar shape of this man’s twisted reasoning. After the Jews themselves, the Holocaust has its largest support from Christians, who are fellow Bible believers, and who are creationists. Evolution deniers, on the side of the Jews, should (thinks Dawkins) be on the side of evolution. If you don’t deny an obvious fact of 20th century history, why deny the `fact’ of his beloved theory? (This goes on and on.)

    Nova: Dogs Decoded
    By some Netflix member

    I got about twenty minutes into this and realized that it didn’t fit with the Christian viewpoint. When they start talking about changes between wolves and dogs taking place tens of thousands of years ago, I can overlook it but then hundreds of thousands of years just puts the lid on it. Not for me.

    National Geographic: Science of Dogs
    By some Netflix reviewer

    Although I am no scientist I do know it is impossible to domesticate a wild animal. Sorry Darwin, but the theory presented in this documentary about todays dogs resulting from “someone wanting a pet and tameing a wolf” is just too convenient.A wild animal will always be wild. You may be able to trane a wolf, but you will never be able to domesticate it.Wild is wild and domestic is domestic. The only way they will ever meet is in a test tube in some lab.

    National Geographic: Secret Yosemite
    By some Netflix member

    great footage but come on……Global warming and the “dangers of man” are mention so much you’d swear this was a propaganda film! sheezzz, get over it, we are man! we are a part of nature….. what happened to all this “survival of the fittest” crap? You’d think all these evolutionists are trying to stop evolution!!

    Becoming Human: Nova
    By some Netflix member

    The desire to believe this kind of nonsense stems directly from mans wanting to not face judgement for immorality.It takes much more faith to believe we came from a rock to a monkey to a man than to believe we came from God.Evolution is a faith based religion with no basis in truth and no supportive evidence aside from opinion.I pray for anyone who believes this and wish you the best.

    An Inconvenient Truth
    By some Netflix user

    This movie is a major distortion of faces and is an insult to the intelligence of the american people.
    This documentary is an inconvenient public enema. They ignore all science data from NASA about the suns solar activity. The makers of this film remind me of the traveling witch doctors that would petal make believe potions that would cure all.
    Netflix deleted my first review of this, here we go again if they don’t silence me! First, please use your head, I know you can do it! Al Gore is a politician. He wants power and is using this propaganda film to try to achieve that. Here’s where I ask you to think, take a glass of water (about half full), put an ice cube in it, mark the level of the water, go away for a while, when you come back you will see the ice cube melted and the water level is the same!! Wow! So what would happen to the height of the oceans if all the ice in the oceans melted? Nothing!! Now if you are really thinking (remember, I told you to think) you might say, ‘What about all the ice that’s not in the ocean, what if that melts?’ Wow! Good question! Let’s think about that. the oceans are about 78% of the earths water, fresh liquid water is about 21%, that leaves about 1% frozen AND in the clouds. So what would that raise the sea level to? Oh, about an inch. Go to junkscience.com to read more.

    Life In the Undergrowth
    By Amazon reviewer dh. Dudley “John 14:6”

    The footage about the insect world is truly fascinating. Quite frankly, I wasn’t too excited about watching a show about bugs, but through this show gained a much better appreciation of the insect world. Unfortunately, the makers of this documentary couldn’t just stick with facts. Instead of just presenting facts they littered the show with the THEORY of evolution, dismissed God’s wonderful creation….It definitly had a pro-evolution, anti-God agenda. One has to be incredibly blind to look at creation (bugs, animals, plants, the human body, the cosmos, et.,) and not see God’s handiwork in all of it….the fact that He alone created it all, and He alone sustains it. By the way, there is absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever of evolution..never has been, and never will be….don’t buy into the lie

    A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing, Lawrence M. Krauss
    By Amazon reviewer Jeffrey Wallace

    LOL LOL LOL. Just read the kindle sample. LOL LOL LOL. So, in order for the evolutionists to get a universe from nothing, they must first change the definition of nothing into something. Then they can comfortably talk about the nature of “nothingness”. LOL LOL. This isn’t science. LOL.
    It reminds me of the story of the evolutionist tht told God, “I can create life too.” God said, “OK. Make a man.” The evoultionist bent down and began forming some dirt into a pile. God tapped the evolutionist on the shoulder and said, “Hey! Get your own dirt!”
    This book is just another example of the evolutonists waxing irrational and absurd. LOL LOL.
    Hey Lawrence, get your own dirt! Or, come on, at least admit that it is dirt.
    LOL. The star is for the humor content. LOL LOL

    A Brief History of TIme, Stephen Hawking
    By Amazon review Severin

    I was open-minded before I read this “book”. So ugly theory cannot describe our Universe. It looks like a religious movement with its invented concepts of black holes, big bang etc. This ugly theory deserves a public birning and we need a new generation of honest scientists and not that “mafia circle” promoting their books to gain a dirty money.
    Viva a new Science!!!

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