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    7 Videos of Bald Eagles Kicking Other Animals' Asses

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    Derek Mead


    Memorial Day is the day we applaud and remember all of the servicemembers who have made and kept the United States strong. It's also the day we laugh at how asinine Ben Franklin was for suggesting the turkey be our national bird. 

    Thing is, bald eagles are so bad ass they'll take on just about anybody, from any class. Mammals? Bring on your bears and coyotes.

    Birds? Even other predators, like owls, are a trifle.

    This red-tailed hawk had one of the most famous animal bad days ever. 

    Killing an armadillo then fighting off vultures? All in a day's work.

    Bald eagle steals a fish from an osprey during a football training camp? AMERICA.

    Oh, and lest you thing humans are immune, here's a bald eagle stealing a fish from some kid—to a sex funk soundtrack, no less. That's our bird, baby!